06 August, 2007

Ron Paul

On Friday, I attended the Ron Paul rally in Pittsburgh (Cranberry), PA. I don't always agree with Dr. Paul, but I have always admired him as a man who emphasizes the rule of law. He voted against the Patriot Act, for example (and was the only Congressman to do so) because he considered it unconstitutional.

It was an interesting evening. I was most impressed by the range of people--nominally "left" and nominally "right"--who were coming together in the room. Afterwards, I followed a group over to a nearby restaurant for a meet and greet. Unlike some politicians I've met, he was the same person one-on-one as he was at the podium: witty, enthusiastic, and more than a little surprised that he is getting the support he has.

Enough. Let him speak for himself:


Anonymous said...

Dr. McIntosh, I am a former student of yours who just graduated in May 2007. My name is Ryan Brown and I am sure you probably remember me- very left leaning,opinionated and always willing to argue-. Anyway I just wanted to congragulate you on your volunteer of the year award from the Pittsburgh A.C.L.U., I think it is something to be extremely proud of. I see you like Ron Paul, who is about the only Republican candidate that I have any respect for (as I have basically lost my respect for John McCain). Myself I like Dennis Kucinich who basically has no chance. I hate how the media are the ones who shape the front-runners by deciding who to give the most, and most flattering coverage to. If all candidates could get fair coverage plus fair time in debates I believe there could be different front-runners or at least more of a competition. Well I hope you are doing well and it was nice checking out your blog for the first time since I left SRU.

Daniel McIntosh said...

Of course I remember you, Ryan. Glad you dropped by.

Why is it the most interesting, thoughtful, principled people are always described as having "no chance" to win? Or does the question answer itself?