05 January, 2008

Paul in third pace in NH?

I figured 10 percent was the most Paulians could hope for in Iowa, and while that's enough for the faithful it's small enough that the MSM can pretty much ignore it. Then comes this:

New Hampshire GOP Primary

John McCain


Mitt Romney


Ron Paul


Mike Huckabee


Rudy Giuliani


Fred Thompson


Some other candidate


From the Rasmussen poll for January 4. I still don't expect Paul to win--and have some doubts about what would happen if he did--but it's harder to deny that he is tapping into something.

UPDATE (Jan 11): Well, I blew it on that call. Between falling below Gulliani and the newsletter problem, it may well be that Paul has peaked. Even if true, he's performed a service in getting people to discuss libertarian ideas in public. His worldview may be impractical, but at least it gets people to think. What other candidate has done that?


Jeremy said...

what a depressing limeup

Jeremy said...

lineup, even...

Daniel McIntosh said...

So true.

Ryan D. said...

Paul had the potential to make some real progress in this election. I have to wonder how he thought he could win the Republican nomination with his stances regarding foriegn policy. Had he taken a more moderate stance and not allowed the others to pick him apart in the debates, he could definiately been a front runner. A shame really.