02 February, 2008

The web of globalization

Thomas Barnett does another fine job of pulling it all together, this time in regard to US-Iranian relations. For example:

The last phase of the Bush years does seem like we're suing for peace with everyone we can find. It's undignified but inevitable, as it seems like everyone is containing us nowadays, including our own bureaucracy (e.g., the successful revolt of the intelligence community over Iran).

What I find fascinating in this relatively rapid balancing is that no military power is being employed to achieve the effect. None is required, really. We're so integrated with the global economy on so many levels that we can be made to feel the world's displeasure relatively quickly.

As usual, he somewhat downplays local culture while emphasizing the power of globalization to undermine old power structures in Iran, but even if it's a little more difficult than he seems to imply I suspect the main point is valid.

...we draw them into globalization and totally screw their mullocracy in the process, just like Nixon and Kissinger did with the Sovs.

Remember, Reagan got no progress with saying no. Things changed only when he convinced Gorby that he could be trusted.

And boy, did they change fast once the Sovs' fears were assuaged.

The soft kill is staring us in the face.

Check it out.

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Sean said...

i'd love to check it out, Daniel. where's the link? ;-)http://www.thomaspmbarnett.com/weblog/2008/02/bush_seems_ready_to_deal_with.html


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