29 October, 2008

What graduates earn

Yet another survey of the starting salaries of graduates with the Bachelor's degree in various fields. I've trimmed the descriptions of most of them, but left the comments regarding political science:

A general biologist starts out at $38,896, while a biochemist
makes slightly more at $43,961.

Business administration and
Beginning salary: $57,132.

salary: $30,921.

Computer science
Beginning salary:

Criminal justice
Beginning salary:

Elementary education
Beginning salary:

Beginning salary: $59,471.

Beginning salary: $41,173.

Beginning salary:

Political science
Politics is far more than local, state, and federal elections. Political science majors can work in a number of roles, including working for political parties in administrative positions or as analysts. Forty-one percent of all workers with this major are employed by government agencies. Some common career paths for political science
majors include lobbyist and diplomat. They may also work in the media as a journalist in an editorial capacity or for nonprofit organizations.
Beginning salary:
Of course, actual salaries are influenced by a local and personal factors. Your mileage may vary.

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