01 December, 2009

Libson treaty is now in effect

The Lisbon Treaty, or new "constitution" for the European Union, goes into effect today. It includes the new posts of President of the European Council and High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs. It makes the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights binding by law for all EU institutions. It moves more power to the center, away from the individual states, clears the way for an extensive European diplomatic corps to represent the EU as a whole in foreign affairs, and removes the right of national vetoes for policies involving climate change, emergency aid, and energy security.

The treaty says that unanimous agreement will still be needed to affect taxes, foreign policy, defence and social security, areas where countries take their sovereignty very seriously. On the other hand, what constitutes "climate change" or "energy security" or "social security?" It looks like what we are getting here--as has been observed about the US Constitution-- is "invitation to struggle."

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