02 October, 2010

To get away from it all--try an earthlike exoplanet

Might I suggest Zarmina?  Officially Gliese 531g, the unofficial name is in honor of the discoverer's wife (a very bright husband, if you ask me).  Tidally locked in an orbit around a red dwarf, Zarmina sits in the middle of the life-supporting zone where water remains liquid.  It's a bit larger than our home, with at least a 50 percent greater surface gravity, which is more than enough to hold an atmosphere.

Setting up a station/colony/resort at the terminator near the equator promises "shirtsleeve" temperatures and weather, as well as an amazing view of a red dwarf (with a disk much larger than the sun is to us) always on the horizon.

How long till Sir Richard Branson starts selling reservations to visit?  And where do I go to buy the tickets?

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