06 April, 2011

Watch Gaza

NightWatch usually gets mthe indicators right, and provides this warning on Gaza:

Israel-Palestine: Israel's Minister of Public Security Yitzhak Aharonovitch said Israel and Gaza are on the verge of a conflict akin to Operation Cast Lead -- the December 2008 Israeli punitive campaign in the Gaza Strip, according to an Israeli radio report. Aharonovitch warned residents of southern Israel to expect more rocket attacks from Gaza.


Comment: Aharonovitch's statement is the second in a week that warns Israelis to expect a large military operation in the Gaza Strip. The timing remains undisclosed, but the developing warning pattern suggests soon. At least one or two more warnings that contain more details should follow in shorter intervals, if an operation is planned. The Israeli civilians in southern Israel require advance notice to make civil defense preparations and the government always provides it, as it is doing now.

The "fun" about the middle east these days is everything happening at once.

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