21 July, 2011

Famine and carry-out

From 20 July Nightwatch:
North Korea: The Telegraph reported, in paraphrase, that six million North Koreans might be starving, but the children of the elite can order take-out from McDonalds in China, using Air Koryo -- the national airlines -- to make the deliveries to their homes.

McDonald's has no franchises in North Korea, but has 850 in China. North Korea has no banking relationship, such as credit cards, with the United States. American dollars buy junk food in China for the families of the senior party members and have it delivered.
According to The Telegraph report, Kim Chong-il indulges this and other extravagances as bribes in return for support for his third son as the next leader of North Korea. Some North Koreans consider Chinese-made McDonald's hamburgers to be delicacies.
This could be funny if it wasn't so evil.

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