05 March, 2012

It sort of defeats the purpose of leaving home

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According to the latest number-crunching, particles trapped within the warp bubble of an Alcubierre Warp Drive (patent pending) will dissipate upon arrival, forward and back (and perhaps elsewhere), pretty much destroying the life on any planet in front of it when the starship arrives. Perhaps one can avoid it by aiming your ship slightly away from the target world when you arrive. Maybe not. I wonder if it would make sense to restrict the use of a Warp Drive to outside of the Oort Cloud? In any case, even if it's possible to avoid disaster, a less-than-friendly visitor could choose to destroy the target of his visit. Or they could just just get sloppy...

Ah, technology. It gives with one hand while it takes away with the other.

Could this explain the apparent absence of technological civilizations in our region of the galaxy?

IO9: Warp Drives May Come With A Killer Downside

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