27 November, 2017

Is there a natural connection between sexual malfeasance and espionage?

First, let me get this out of the way:  no, I don't think there's a direct link.

That said, it's amazing how often we seem to find them in the same cases.  The Commander-in-Chief who bagged about his taking advantage of women now seems to be connected to a deal with Putin going back to at least 2013.  His connections with Russian organized crime may go back to the 1980s.  The "icon" of the House has not only abused women, he's been an active abetter of Russian propaganda organizations for decades.   Like Trump, I don't know if he's an active agent, or just stupid.  And the quote from a counterintelligence type in thi story jumps out at me: “Do you really think anybody’s that stupid?”

I'll still assume stupidity until I have solid evidence of mens rea.  But in each case, the proclivities of each man to use and discard women, coupled with the opportunities for Soviet/Russian intelligence to document it, made it easy to maintain an "insurance file" to keep them on the path.

The connection, to the extent it exists. seems to be a general lack of ethics.  People who are willing to make exceptions for themselves in one area are willing to make exceptions for themselves in others.  And each operated in an environment where the norm was to look the other way (or to celebrate) violations of conventional morality.

The Swamp is deep.

John Conyers Accused of Sexual Harassment—But His KGB Ties Are Worse | Observer

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