06 July, 2016

Getting past either/or

There are people who want us to think in dichotomies: left/right, good/evil, republican/democrat, proletariat/bourgeoisie, christian/atheist, shi'a/sunni, terrorist/government... Have I pushed anybody's buttons yet? If I have, you might be part of the problem. Or not--I don't want to set up just another dichotomy. Just remember that in order to work this civilization requires talk, criticism, testing, and compromise. And there are some people who, for reasons of profit or reasons of ideology or reasons of faith, would rather not live in this civilization. But for all its faults, this Enlightenment civilization has tended in the direction of greater freedom, greater personal power, greater wealth, greater happiness, better health, and longer life. I personally want to continue living in it, and improving on it. Please don't stand in the way.

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